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Announcement Of An Rpg Game About The Eiso Universe By Kitkin Bros. Entertainment, Ltd.

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Announcement Of An Rpg Game About The Eiso Universe By Kitkin Bros. Entertainment, Ltd.

August 05
02:08 2021

We analyzed the games market and saw that there have been no new major game franchises for a long time. Inspired by movies like Star Wars, Avatar, Ghost in the Shell, books like Mortal Engines, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and games like Hades, Hero Siege, The Ascent and Bounty Brawl, we decided to create our own franchise. There is a long road ahead, but a start has already been made.

Active negotiations are underway with game publishers. Moreover, as a result, we are talking not about just one game, but about creating a company that will unite:

       ●  developers from Russia – known for their reliability and professionalism;

       ●  publishers from the USA – known for their rich experience;

       ●  investors from all over the world – anyone can invest in the development of this game.

Synopsis of the game

It is assumed that Eiso is the name of a planet in a distant galaxy which is inhabited by Souls. The Souls created our Earth and human bodies to protect themselves from the threats of the Universe.

However, this planet was destroyed by Antagonists and the Artifact sent to Earth is the only possibility of salvation.

The game idea lies behind the theory of the origin of humankind.

We, as people, came from a blob of energy at the epicenter of the Big Bang, as souls who lived on the planet Eiso for a long time. We flew around the universe and learned about the world through experimentation. Once we met the Reapers, we created Earth and human bodies to protect ourselves from the threat.

However, Eiso was destroyed and the Artifact sent to Earth by a group of souls is the only possibility of salvation.

On Earth, meanwhile, there has been a long war for resources between three factions, into which humanity has divided: Empire, Alliance and Khaganate.

Princess Yuni, the protagonist of the game, lost her father during the war with the Alliance. However, she must reject any attempt at revenge, awaken an ancient soul of Eiso in her body and unite all the factions in order to save mankind and reconstruct that which has been destroyed.

In-game features

The genre of the game is planned as an isometric RPG with rogue-like elements.

It will be a type of subscription-based game: along with standard characters, resources and loot boxes, unique ones will also be available for subscribers. Characters have the opportunity to develop their skills during the gameplay. Combining different skills will bring more fun.

In addition to the game about Eiso, Kitkin Bros. Entertainment, Ltd. plans to release 3 more games in the next couple of years.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kitkin Bros. Entertainment
Contact Person: Evgeny Kitkin
Email: Send Email
Country: Russian Federation
Website: https://kitkinbros.com