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In 2022, ADLL Group held the Ecological Finance Conference

In 2022, ADLL Group held the Ecological Finance Conference

December 06
13:18 2022

ADLL group was established in 2018, is a reliable and successful outstanding team, is a walking in the forefront of the Internet top team. In the development of creativity, the pursuit of excellence in the Internet industry, group docking projects are all the most popular internet, the most secure, the most stable, the most well-funded platform.

ADLL group focuses on innovative investment ideas and cutting-edge technology trends. At present, Innovation Works has invested 300 projects and managed a dual-currency fund with a total amount of 11 billion yuan. Is committed to the use of cutting-edge AI technology for enterprises to provide artificial intelligence products and solutions.

Over the years, in order to provide the public with safe, diverse, and scenario-rich wealth management products, ADLL group has focused on iterative innovation of products in the interface industry, on the one hand, and, on the other, it has also invested a lot of money in financial risk management, step by step to build a safe, convenient and liquid lending information communication channel for users, also has the idle funds to lend the ability of users and high-quality enterprises with financing needs to build a valuable exchange platform.

At present, ADLL group in high-tech, Internet, consumer and health care has led investment in hundreds of enterprises.

Compared with other investment projects, ADLL group not only has rich experience in local project operation, but also has a wide range of human resources, members of ADLL group are familiar with the business and legal environment in China, thanks to years of experience in investment, entrepreneurship, consulting, business operations and management, also has the original view to the overseas advanced technology as well as the financial idea. In the age of the Internet, the game of finance is changing fast. Is the internet cutting-edge technical force and the financial industry quality resources integration. ADLL group will bring more stable and reliable financial services to customers, but also for the future long-term development of P2F projects and the construction of the ecosystem to provide more help.

Next year, we aim to reach 20 million users and become the world’s top three exchanges in three years. We will be dedicated to the majority of investors to provide more comprehensive services.

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