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Top OTC Stocks under a Nickel Watchlist (ORHB, IMTL, GMER, NHMD)

Top OTC Stocks under a Nickel Watchlist (ORHB, IMTL, GMER, NHMD)

October 04
05:06 2023

Investors frequently flock to the realm of stocks priced under $0.05, as it often serves as a breeding ground for bustling investor activity. These stocks are alluring due to their propensity for significant price surges. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top active stocks under $.05 that could be worthy additions to your breakout potential watchlist.

HippoFi Inc. (OTC:ORHB)

The regenerative therapeutics industry is undergoing rapid growth, and HippoFi Inc. (OTC: ORHB) is positioning itself as a notable player in this flourishing sector. Analysts suggest that by 2030, the regenerative therapeutics market could achieve a remarkable valuation of up to $200 billion, presenting a substantial opportunity for investors.

HippoFi’s operations revolve around three core business segments: digital payments, artificial intelligence, and regenerative therapeutics. Their flagship subsidiary, PUR Biologics, operates within the regenerative therapeutics domain, offering hope to individuals dealing with tissue and organ failures resulting from factors like aging, trauma, and diseases.

While traditional organ transplants have presented complications and supply issues, regenerative medicine has emerged as a transformative solution. PUR Biologics, a subsidiary of HippoFi, is at the forefront, providing innovative biological products and proprietary technologies. Their solutions range from enhancing bone growth in surgical spine procedures to advanced cell therapies for regenerating cartilage in spinal discs and joints.

In a significant development on September 12, PUR Biologics secured yet another patent, further solidifying its position as a prominent player in the biotech sector. This patent is centered on a pioneering device designed to enhance the body’s immune response, offering potential advancements in pain relief, bone regeneration, anti-cancer therapies, and other critical medical needs.

Ryan Fernan, Head of PUR Biologics, expressed optimism about the demand for PUR’s products, particularly in the spine industry. Projections indicate that the spine industry is poised for approximately 2 million procedures annually, with estimated revenues reaching $40 billion by 2027. The potential demand for products stemming from this patent is expected to see significant growth.

This innovative device is anticipated to contribute substantially to PUR Biologics’ revenue stream, with plans to generate substantial income within the next 18 months. As the spine industry gears up for increased procedures and potentially higher revenues, the demand for products offered by PUR Biologics is primed for exponential growth.

On September 6, HippoFi made an exciting announcement, revealing a strategic partnership with ZIMMER BIOMET aimed at reshaping the spinal biologics landscape. This collaboration intends to introduce a unique synthetic biomaterial for bone growth, slated for a 2024 launch under PUR Biologics. PUR Biologics has earned recognition as a key player in regenerative medicine solutions. The partnership includes a joint commercialization research agreement, highlighting the commitment of both companies to driving innovation in the spinal biologics sector.

In summary, ORHB presents an appealing opportunity for investors in the rapidly expanding regenerative therapeutics market. With a robust portfolio of innovative solutions, strategic alliances, and a focus on addressing critical medical needs, HippoFi is well-positioned for growth in this dynamic sector. Keep a watchful eye on the developments and potential revenue surge resulting from these strategic moves.

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Image Protect, Inc. (OTC:IMTL)

Image Protect Inc. is a tech and media company specializing in digital assets, with a unique digital asset library and proprietary technology developed by its subsidiary, Fotofy. The company operates www.legendNFTs.io, an auction platform for NFTs featuring hip-hop artists and major sports figures. Additionally, Image Protect has been developing Tokentunz, a site dedicated to Music NFTs.

In recent news, Image Protect announced a significant development that has sparked investor interest. The company has completed its due diligence and reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a pending new business acquisition, as initially mentioned on Tuesday, September 26th. The process is now progressing toward the Letter of Intent (LOI) stage, with expectations of finalizing all terms within the next seven business days.

The target company that Image Protect is seeking to acquire is an established business-to-business application software product provider. This company already has a successful core offering, with additional services in development.

CEO James Ballas expressed his excitement about this acquisition, believing it will be a game-changer in the industry. This development follows over a year of preparation, and Image Protect is positioned to provide the necessary support and resources to maximize market penetration and compete effectively in its space.

Investors have taken note of this news, with the stock trading up 25%. The acquisition could have significant implications for Image Protect’s growth and market presence, making it an important development for shareholders to monitor closely.

Good Gaming, Inc. (OTC:GMER)

Good Gaming, Inc. is an interactive entertainment company with a rich history since its establishment in 2008. Recognized for its innovative approach to gaming, the company is continually pushing boundaries to enhance the gaming experience.

A recent milestone for Good Gaming is the launch of its inaugural mobile game, Galactic Acres, which incorporates cutting-edge Web3 technology. This development signifies a significant leap forward for the company and has generated considerable interest in the gaming industry.

Galactic Acres is poised to be a game-changer, offering engaging gameplay, fostering a sense of community, and introducing pioneering Web3 experiences. With features like exclusive in-game skins, seamless Web3 integration, and full ownership of in-game assets, the game targets both traditional mobile gamers and Web3 enthusiasts.

The strategic partnership between Good Gaming and ViaOne Services has the potential to make Galactic Acres accessible to a broad audience, with plans to preload it on mobile devices and its availability on major app stores. Beyond offering a unique gaming experience, the integration of Web3 technology provides players with a new level of security and opens up monetization opportunities in the fast-growing Web3 gaming realm.

David Sterling, COO at Good Gaming Inc., envisions creating a dynamic mobile gaming community and anticipates strong demand for their in-game assets. This transformative collaboration between Good Gaming and ViaOne Services holds the promise of reshaping the gaming industry and generating additional revenue streams for mobile wireless providers.

As Galactic Acres is set to launch in early 2024, investors are closely watching this development in the evolving world of mobile gaming and Web3 technology.

Nate’s Food Co (OTC:NHMD)

NHMD has made some recent strategic moves, covered in a press release on Oct. 3. The company announced a recent achievement that stands out: the successful cancellation of a significant 1 billion common shares, representing a substantial 27% reduction in the total number of issued and outstanding shares. This move, previously authorized by the company’s officers and directors and disclosed in an 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), paves the way for an intriguing future.

The cancellation of such a substantial number of shares is closely linked to their upcoming acquisition of JP Energy Partners, a development that signals a turning point in the company’s leadership and management. This strategic move positions Nate’s Food Co. to align its vision with the exploration of untapped markets and a relentless pursuit of operational excellence.



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