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The most popular 360 degree panorama video ads, easily get by one click with ZingFront!

The most popular 360 degree panorama video ads, easily get by one click with ZingFront!

The Internet bridges the distance among people, between people and the outside world as well as people and all the senses. In this “closer distance and more interaction” competition, 360-degree panoramic video technology is attracting increasing attention.

360-degree panoramic videos capture images of the entire scene with a professional camera, collage images with software, play them with dedicated player, hence turn 2D photos and computer graphics into a 360-degree panorama view. Features to control images are also provided. Viewers can zoom in, zoom out, move in all directions when watching to simulate and reproduce the original environment.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wczdECcwRw0

Clash of Clans 360: Experience a Virtual Reality Raid

Apparently, panoramic view provides a much more immersive experience. A new survey conducted by YuMe found out that many consumers see 360-degree videos as positive and impressive, and more than one-third of respondents said they prefer to participate in immersive video ads.

Among the many forms of VR, 360-degree videos are easy to make, spreads fast and cost the least. Besides, 360-degree panorama videos provide users with immersive experience similar to VR videos without professional VR equipment. All these advantages make 360-degree videos the best way for manufacturers to show their VR contents.

Google conducted an in-depth study comparing the differences between 360-degree ads and normal ones. They found that though 360-degree panorama ads did not increase ads views, those who watched them were more likely to click to watch longer videos. After watching 360-degree ads, users were more likely to share, subscribe to channels and brands and watch other videos. In addition, according to the forecast released by Tencent, by 2020, VR users will reach 23.65 million, and revenue will reach 760 million USD.

According to incomplete statistics, capable advertisers developed the following platforms with 360-degree panorama ads to seize this profitable opportunity:

Following YouTube’s 360-degree videos production feature, Facebook added the same feature to web and Android end in September 2017.

The 360 section on YouTube has always been popular.

Advertisers like AT&T, Corona, Nestle, Ritz, BMW, Samsung and Disney all attach great importance to this technology and create their own 360 video ads.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/WFkhq40z348

BMW X3. On a 360° mission to mars. A virtual test drive.

360-degree video ads provide an excellent immersive experience where viewers are able to switch perspective up and down, left and right, greatly enhancing the playability and appeal of video ads. A research report on immersive contents taking lead of future videos from BI listed some references: Hong Kong Airlines’ 360-degree video has an audience rating 35 times higher than 2D ones; the poll in VR experience of The Blair Witch Project by Lionsgate Films received 57% repeat.

However, the common problem nowadays is that most 360-degree video ads are still produced by traditional photography, and the panorama of 3D video is more complicated. Creating a 360-degree video requires using a special set of cameras to shoot scenes from 360 degrees simultaneously, or attaching four GoPro cameras to a stick.Video resolution will reach 4K or even higher, and 3D 360-degree stereo video will take up more storage space. YouTube gave a 360-degree video production filming tutorial, and advertisers need a large amount of footage shot in advance to synthesize a 360-degree panorama on YouTube, consuming more time and energy, and cost much higher than normal ads. That is why only major manufacturers use such technology in their ads.

Responding to this demand, ZingFront, focusing on intelligent video production took the lead in breaking technical difficulties of panoramic display in 3D video production with its UnrealFront – one switch to 360-degree panorama. A panorama button has been added to the new version of UnrealFront, users can turn normal videos to 360-degree panorama ones by simply clicking this button. UnrealFront will automatically complete the entire 360-degree perspective during conversion, using the camera set by user, hence transform normal videos into panoramic ones.

Click the Panorama button to convert a regular video to a 360-degree panoramic video.

UnrealFront eliminates complex shooting with its powerful scene analysis. It has helped many advertisers converting 360-degree panoramic video ads with half the cost and double eCPM. 

You can switch perspective freely in 360-degree videos made with UnrealFront.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazGBWW8oGY


UnrealFront, first semi-automatic 3D video production tool of ZingFront, has core video computing technology and rich marketing experience, generates a high-quality video ad in 10 minutes. Providing efficient video production solutions to global customers with cutting-edge3D/VR/ARtechnologies. UnrealFront has helped customers at home and abroad achieve intelligent going global and efficient promotion.

It is believed that with the help of Facebook, YouTube and other giants, 360-degree panoramic display is most likely to be another video advertisement mainstream after information stream ads. With researching and development from Internet promotion technology companies like ZingFront, simpler 360-degree panoramic display with higher intelligence and efficiency remains to be seen.

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