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Simplifyingtheory.com the Exclusive Online Source for Guitar Beginners

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Simplifyingtheory.com the Exclusive Online Source for Guitar Beginners

December 29
01:00 2018
Simplifyingtheory.com premiers the best available platform for competent online guitar lessons available for all across the globe.

Brazil – December 28th, 2018 – Going on entertainment, Simplifyingtheory.com is now the best site for start-up guitarists to achieve a new level of playing abilities. Are you in search of a platform that will guide and teach proper music theories including the playing of the greatest instrument the “guitar”. Simplifyingtheory.com is now the world leading resource which provides the best available platform that harnesses and unlocks hidden guitar playing abilities. And when it comes to helping you build your guitar skill level, the appropriate programmed tools is the code upon which Simplifyingtheory.com prides itself on. 

“The 21st century brings a lot of innovations into our lives but one of the most important features of this century is the fast developing technological world where beginning guitarists take advantage of cyberspace capabilities and make full use of it to learn how to play the guitar from the internet. We created Simpligyingtheory.com to provide the guitar folks a reliable platform to learn how to play the guitar and unlock their hidden potentials,” said Natanael Wildner Founder of Simplifyingtheory.com

Many online guitar platforms are great for beginners, but lacking for other guitarists, not Simplifyingtheory.com. Simplifyingtheory.com is an online guitar school that provides well built platform in learning electric guitar techniques using videos lessons taught by professional guitarists across the globe.

“After 20 plus years of frustration, trying and wishing to learn to play the guitar, Simplifyingtheory.com helped me to finally succeed. My playing has progressed more in the nine months I have been studying with Simplifyingtheory.com than in the previous 25 years. The best part about learning to play the guitar was the enjoyment my children and wife get out of seeing me play and singing along. This was an aspect I never anticipated but has been a true blessing for our family,” said Sam J. Weisen.

Simplifyingtheory.com will tutor you on proper theory modes, licks, scales and pattern techniques that has been used and taught for ages. At Simplifyingtheory.com, you will gain proper skill and techniques that will assist you achieving a whole new level of playing ability, thereby turning to a Pro.


Guitar instructional videos are been  added regularly on their website, including lessons and tutorials on how to tune the guitar, guitar scales, picking techniques, guitar chords, guitar strings and so much more. There are special guest videos in Simplifyingtheory.com library which include playing techniques from various renowned players of all time. With so many libraries in their collection, there is something for everybody, regardless of your skill level.

Get covered today with Simplifyingtheory.com and experience the best online guitar lesson.

About Simplifyingtheory.com

Simplifyingtheory.com is a licensed online music platform that teaches music theory in a simple and uncomplicated way. The platform was founded by Natanael Wildner. Simplifyingtheory.com offer online guitar lessons for beginners. Its mission is to maintain a reputable position at the forefront of music theory lessons online for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, customers and the world at large.

For more information and online subscription visit http://www.simplifyingtheory.com/online-guitar-lessons-for-beginners/

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