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Boox’s Embracing E-ink Innovation Leads to The Future

Boox’s Embracing E-ink Innovation Leads to The Future

January 29
18:57 2019

Speaking of the E-ink technology, what do you think of in your mind? 6” eReader? Black and white screen? Yes, folks easily associate Kindle.  Virtually the notion of a low-power paper-like display had existed since a few decades ago. Not only Kindle but also many other tech companies manufacture stunning E-ink products. Boox is one of those consumer electronics companies that strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through E-ink innovation.

Considering the prevalence of digital eye strain, E-ink technology is widely regarded as a critical effective approach to alleviate the problem. The technology has been markedly improving in recent year that it can be applied to different kinds of industries.

As known that that largest eReader Boox sells features a 13.3” E-ink screen slightly larger than A4 paper size. This perfect size is sheerly appropriate for the demanding PDF readers, artists and musicians. Apart from the production of eReaders with large size screen, Boox makes huge E-ink billboards–Signage, which can be represented in sizes, 42” E-ink screen under portrait and 31.2” under landscape. One of the most outstanding advantages of Signage is the viewable screen from any angle, even in direct bright sunlight.

With the appearance of Signage, you may find that it unexpectedly come into your view everywhere when you walk past a billboard in a shop window, raise your head to look at the menu board in a cafe, or check a panel in a bus station. As for the bus stop panel, the Signage is flexible that it is capable of displaying real-time passenger information and weather condition, with very low power consumption. Welcome to the smart city and it’s time to abandon the traditional paper timetable and LCD Advertising board. Billboards, menu boards, bus stop panels, certainly more in the future, all of these illustrate that the technology is ready for widespread use in our daily life.

A study on the myopia rate of Canadian school children in 2018 indicates that while the rate of myopia was 6% in children aged 6-8, it soars to 28.9% in children aged 11-13. The vital factor of the myopia prevalence is that children have a tendency to use electronics for a long period of time without taking a break, as they often ignore physical discomfort when deeply engaged in an activity they enjoy. Under such circumstances, E-ink technology is the best solution to lower the risk of eye strain.

Generally speaking, the first impression of E-ink is a screen in black and white. This situation changes until there was a debut of colored E-ink technology. As E-ink in black and white is not great enough to draw children’s attention, Boox makes a 10.7-inch eReader Youngy Boox with a colored E-Ink screen that is designed specifically to use as part of a pilot program for schools. The Youngy Boox can be used with an education system, which applies a mass of textbooks of different subjects that students do not have to bear a heavy school bag every day. The lecturers can update their teaching materials, assign homework, and mark examination paper on Youngy Boox anytime and anywhere through the network. Via the system, lecturers would have a better interaction with students in a fast and simple way. The tech is changing the world!

Adults are not immune to eye-related issues caused by overuse of screens, neither. A research shows that US adults spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018, an annual increase of more than 11 minutes. There is no exaggeration in saying that folks are exposed to blue light with the increased risk of eye fatigue. So have you ever imagine if there is an E-ink mobile phone out there in your hand? You do not have to suffer blue light any more when you are addicted to mobile phones. Boox ever launched an E-ink Android smartphone Boox E43 in 2013. Most of the functions on a common Andoird phone are also available on that E-ink phone. Expecting to see more powerful and versatile E-ink phone in the future.

Boox is famous for its high-quality eReader in the past. But with the swift growth of E-ink applications, Boox finds that there is a potential demand of the E-ink technology in the market, and then set about developing more related E-ink products as a pattern of diversification in the industry. Thanks to the futuristic tech provided by Boox, it makes our lives more interesting, convenient and healthy.

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