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Jake Geruson: Resilient teen social media influencer pushes through physical barriers

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Jake Geruson: Resilient teen social media influencer pushes through physical barriers

September 05
00:21 2020
15-year-old Instagram famous Jake Geruson shares on his love for basketball, crucial life lessons, and rising to mental challenges.

California, USA – With more than 36,000 followers on Instagram (@jake.ezz), Jake Geruson highlights how commitment, resilience, and hard work can make anything possible. From a very young age, Jake was fond of playing basketball, which eventually led him to compete in junior and senior basketball games as he grew. With his coach being a constant source of confidence and motivation, he played the national junior basketball league as well as took part in more competitive teams till 7th grade.

Basketball and other athletic activities defined Jake and shaped his entire personality including the things that he wanted to be in the future. Like any other eighth-grader, he wanted to be ready for high school level tryouts. However, life presented itself in an unfortunate way, when Jake’s knees started to give up and concerned him deeply about his degenerating athletic performance in school. For someone who was an avid basketball player, it was almost impossible to understand how he could simply not practice every day anymore like he used to.

This is not about how the doctor told Jake that his basketball career has come to a halt due to severe overuse, rather this is about how extreme physical pain in his knees made him even stronger. It was his resilience, and inner drive to be productive, and achieve something in life that led him to overcome his physical barriers. The significant change that Jake went through was not merely to stop playing basketball but of an entire personality shift, making him realize his full potential.

The takeaway from this is that when one door closes, there’s always two more that open up. While taking time away from basketball, Jake decided to put his hard work, and driving force into something else. He did not let his physical barriers decrease his productivity or motivation, instead started to look for new sources through which he could channel his inner resilience.

Jake Geruson was very determined about his life goals from a very early stage. He knew what he wanted, and how he could not let his pain take over his life. By trying out for the student council and the robotics challenge, he used his time away from basketball to explore other things that he would be good at. This effort proved to be fruitful, as Jake realized he had serious leadership skills other than his basketball talents. Through this, he realized that he can be successful in other playing fields, rather than just being successful on the basketball court. For instance, he pursued robotics and learned how intelligent students were different from his basketball team members, and how they each have a different set of motivating factors. Not only did he have experience in leading a team of athletes, but now he has successfully been part of a more diverse and intellectually capable set of individuals.

Jake’s growing pains led him to work harder, and diversify his range of skills. His ability to overcome his physical pain and rise above it emotionally as well as mentally gave him the happy ending he deserved. As the months went on, his knee pain started to get better, and soon disappeared altogether. As the season progressed, it left Jake being named the MVP of one of his season tournaments. Not only did he conquer back his basketball playing field, but also expanded his personality and set of skills while he was away. This is a great example of how one controls the reins of their own life, instead of bowing down towards difficulties.

Geruson shares, that the biggest lesson learned throughout life was that associating with a diverse group of people is what led him to believe that no matter what or where he is, there’s always someone who is going to be better or lesser than him. His parents and siblings played the role of a significant influence on his life because they were the people who got him where he is today. His parents elucidated the fact that successful role models are imperative for a person to have a successful life.

Which is why today, Jake Geruson pursues his career as an Instagram influencer to spread positivity, and use social media platforms to publicize his goals in order to achieve them. He believes in using the community as a source of motivation to push him to be the best version of himself.

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