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Leadership Speaker and Peacemaker Alicia Dunams Launches Book “How to Talk to Your Enemies: 101+ Ways to Turn Hostility into Peace”

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Leadership Speaker and Peacemaker Alicia Dunams Launches Book “How to Talk to Your Enemies: 101+ Ways to Turn Hostility into Peace”

May 30
08:52 2023

Miami Beach, Florida – May 30, 2023 – In an era marked by social and interpersonal conflicts, Alicia Dunams, a renowned leadership speaker, executive coach, and mediator, presents her groundbreaking book, “How to Talk to Your Enemies: 101+ Ways to Turn Hostility into Peace.” The book, which launches in early June, offers invaluable guidance on navigating difficult conversations and transforming hostility into understanding and healing.

“People are struggling and suffering. I believe that through healing conversations, we can change our current culture from one of division to one of unity,” says Dunams, highlighting the transformative power of her book. “It is true what they say, united we stand, divided we fall.”

The book’s foreword was written by Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape Spiritual Center, who commends Dunams’ work in fostering connection and bridging divides through compassionate dialogue. “Alicia’s approach is a much-needed remedy for our times,” Beckwith states.

Endorsed by esteemed authors and experts, including Minister Tim Storey, Mark Goulston, M.D., Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D., and Chloe Carmichael Ph.D., “How to Talk to Your Enemies” has garnered widespread recognition for its practical and impactful strategies.

With society experiencing unprecedented social shifts, intense political turmoil, and the challenges posed by cancel culture, individuals find themselves grappling with what to say in various settings such as the workplace, social circles, and even within families. Dunams, through her extensive expertise and experience, provides a solution to this predicament.

“How to Talk to Your Enemies” equips readers with specific words, phrases, and approaches to initiate dialogues that foster mutual understanding and bridge divides. Covering a wide range of crucial topics, including expressing boundaries, handling political and moral differences, offering sincere apologies, and mindfully responding to accusations of racism or sexism, Dunams empowers readers to navigate these difficult conversations with grace and compassion.

Moreover, Dunams explores the significance of effective communication in everyday relationships, guiding readers in resolving misunderstandings and miscommunications that often arise. Through her transformative approach, even the most bitter adversaries have found compassion and experienced catharsis.

Alicia Dunams has established herself as a leading authority in the field of leadership facilitation and mindful communication, and “How to Talk to Your Enemies” is a testament to her expertise. The book serves as a practical guide, offering actionable strategies to turn hostility into peace, foster dialogue, and promote healing in a divided world.

For more information about “How to Talk to Your Enemies” and to discover Dunams’ insightful techniques, please visit www.talktoyourenemies.com

About Alicia Dunams:

Alicia Dunams is a respected leadership keynote speaker, executive coach, and mediator known for her transformative approach to communication and conflict resolution. With years of experience guiding individuals and organizations through challenging conversations, Dunams empowers people to address conflicts head-on and find common ground. Her book, “How to Talk to Your Enemies: 101+ Ways to Turn Hostility into Peace,” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate difficult conversations with empathy and understanding.

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