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Green Bananas, By Patrick Rummerfield, Emerges As Number One International Bestseller

Green Bananas, By Patrick Rummerfield, Emerges As Number One International Bestseller

May 30
13:03 2023
Green Bananas, By Patrick Rummerfield, Emerges As Number One International Bestseller

Resiliency, positivity, and belief in oneself propels you forward in the toughest of times
Green Bananas, authored by Patrick Rummerfield, climbs to the top of international bestseller lists.

Patrick Rummerfield’s compelling narrative, “Green Bananas: The Patrick Rummerfield Story,” has achieved international bestseller status within a mere 35 hours of its release. The book has been recognized as a bestseller in numerous countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, India, and Australia, across 35 categories, with six of them ranking #1.

Patrick shares, “Over the years, numerous journalists have highlighted my accomplishments and friends worldwide have suggested I share my story to inspire others facing adversity. I initiated writing this 19 years ago, finally bringing to life ‘Green Bananas: The Patrick Rummerfield Story’ in recent years.” “My book is aimed at encouraging readers to pursue their dreams and never give up even if the odds may seem stacked against them,” says Patrick Rummerfield about his bestselling book.

Patrick devotes his time to empowering and aiding individuals confronting adversity. He provides constructive tools to help people surmount hurdles and focus on achieving their goals.

The author says it takes a dream to spark the desire to develop a goal. He encourages his readers to write down their short-term and long-term goals and strategize manageable steps towards their fulfillment.

“Develop an Iron Will to build the determination needed to finish and achieve your goal,” he asserts. “Success is a powerful tool. Indulge in positive self-talk and never waste time dwelling on negative thoughts.”

Rummerfield’s personal journey from being an orphan and a quadriplegic, to becoming an Iron Man and a World Land Speed record holder, is a testament to his dedication to assisting others.

Patrick is a staunch advocate of Movement Therapy.

“Our bodies collaborate with our brain chemicals,” explains the author. “The benefit of using our bodies, regardless of physical limitations, impacts our health and outlook.  I’m passionate about helping others work through limitations to achieve beyond expectations.”

Patrick Rummerfield played a pivotal role in developing and implementing Activity Based Therapy (ABRT), which has since become the rehabilitation standard of care for quadriplegics, paraplegic, and stroke patients.

He also conceptualized and patented an advanced phase of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), now considered standard care for individuals coping with paralysis. He regularly mentors individuals with spinal cord injuries worldwide.

Patrick emphasizes that resilience, positivity, and self-belief can propel individuals through the toughest of times, making them stronger and more resilient. He believes that success is personal and should be celebrated, regardless of its scale. According to him, the only real failure lies in quitting.

About Patrick Rummerfield:

Patrick Rummerfield is a testament to the power of resilience and determination, being the world’s first fully recovered quadriplegic. He survived a car crash in 1974 that crushed four of his cervical vertebrae, despite doctors predicting his demise within 72 hours. His unwavering willpower, positivity, and spiritual strength triumphed over death and beyond. His story epitomizes the power of determination and the importance of Never Giving Up or Giving In.

“To die is easy, anyone can do that , to live will be an awfully big adventure“ – Patrick Rummerfield

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