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New Book Release: “Ephphatha: How to be Open to God’s Miracles” by Trisha Mounce

New Book Release: “Ephphatha: How to be Open to God’s Miracles” by Trisha Mounce

February 23
13:22 2024
New Book Release: "Ephphatha: How to be Open to God's Miracles" by Trisha Mounce

Trisha Mounce shares with us her personal story in her new book “Ephphatha: How to be Open to God’s Miracles.” She reveals to us how she had experienced life-changing miracles with the powerful influence of divine intervention. This story? It is not just a recount of personal experiences. It also symbolizes hope. This hope is what reflects the power of our faith and the miraculous workings of God in our everyday lives.

Trisha’s story also mirrors the undying will of a human and the steadfast love of God. From having to face life’s darkest moments to embracing miraculous turnarounds, her story is a raw and authentic touch that connects with readers from all walks of life. “Ephphatha,” means “be opened.” So is it just simply the title of the book? Nope. It is also its core message. It urges you to open your heart to the miracles that God has in store for you.

Trisha’s storytelling dives into the realization that miracles are not just biblical tales but real-life events that shape our existence. Her journey powerfully reminds us that the impossible becomes possible and the ordinary becomes extraordinary when we surrender our control and fully trust in the plan that God has for us.

This book is inspirational for anyone who searches for a deeper connection with their faith. It helps them to understand the power of gratitude and recognize the miracles that surround them. Trisha’s story also compellingly invites us to embrace the challenges in our lives with courage. It motivates us to keep finding strength in our vulnerability while witnessing the miraculous unfolding of God’s plan in our lives.

You can prepare yourself to be moved, inspired, and transformed as you turn the pages of “Ephphatha: How to be open to God’s miracles.” It is more than just your usual book. It journeys into the heart of faith, hope, and the incredible power of God’s love and forgiveness.

The book is now live on Amazon in different formats. Do not forget to grab your copy today and discover the miracles waiting to unfold in your life.

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